June Meeting

Dear Humpty parents,

How are you? I hope you all are fine even with this hot weather recently.

Here is about our meeting on June 7th 4:30-6:30.

(1)4:30- Warm up; Book Exchange, handing reading log.

(2)4:40- Activity 1; Lisette-san’s short word puzzle game. Have fun!!

(3)5:10- Activity 2; Marybeth-san’s wonderful Poetry time.
[HW] Please recheck about our homework in the email from
Marybeth that we recieved on May 18th.
Bring your POETRY JOURNAL Book with you please.

(4)5:40- Activity 3; Pipe-san’s UK story and fun!!

(5)6:10- Aleas’s show&tell!
Please prepare for your show&tell, your favorite book that
Marybeth-san can read as a present and 6 birthday treats.

・upcoming meetings ; July 12th and September 6th. There is no meeting in August.

・I explain about birthday show&tell;
In our own birth month the birthday person can do a show&tell,
for example singing a favorite song, book reading for us, experiment,
presentation about anything that you like(flowers, camping, geography,
biology, etc.), and so on.

Then usually Marybeth-san reads your favorite book as a birthday present.

And please prepare birthday treats which are small packets of anything.
500yen per child is paid for the preparation of the treats.

We forgot to pay for the treats of Amy and Mei, so we will give them to
you at next meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Best regards,

Junko and Masami


Homework from this month’s meeting

Hi All,

Thank your to all for the lovely card and the gift! I truly believe that it is a cooperative with everyone working together, so while a gift is unnecessary, it is appreciated! Thank you.

I just want to recap the “homework” from yesterday. I realize that it added up.

1. The next poem in our Poem Journal. Please have your child (or write for your child) about something they are good at and read the poem to whomever they can. Skype, facetime, etc. are all good ways to share reading. Even if grandparents are not good at English, they will probably appreciate being read to!

2. Write 2 or 3 diamantes and send them to me via email about a week before our next meeting. Please send them without a name. I will compile the diamantes, and we will discuss our impressions and opinions at the next meeting. I will give the kids a brief template or model to use to help the discussion along. I will bring copies. I will also try to post the compilation of poems to the email group. This way if you have a new reader and you have time, you can preview the poems if you want. I will try my best to send an early attachment.

3. Moms and Dads are also welcome to write and send me their diamantes. It would be great for the kids to see us write, too.
Mei did a great job with her birthday! Please tell her how impressed we were with the bubbles and her presentation!

Thank you,


Comment Site


I’m going to inform you about the new comment site I’ve made.

There should be a button, ‘Guestbook’.

You just need to click it and enter the information needed.

Please leave comments and questions there.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Also,if you ask a question but are not sure if a member is replying,

please know that all HD members will have a (HD member)

next to their name.

If there are any replies that are not genuine,we will delete them.

I hope you have no problem accessing the site.

The URL is  http://hdbunko-comment-site.webnode.com/