From March,Graduation Party



Two of the girls on the right are graduating temporary graduating and the boy on the left has graduated,though all of them are welcome to come to our meetings.



Hi all, 

Two boys have graduated from Humpty Dumpty Bunko,and two girls decided to quit temporally. We will miss them a lot, but in the meantime we have to be glad that children have been growing as time goes by.


Here is some information about April’s meeting and notes.


<April 5th’s Time Table>

(1) 4:30-  warm up; Book Exchange & Reading Prize, and Individual Oral Book Reading. (Guardians, please listen to children reading their favorite books!)


(2) 5:00-  

Activity 1 for younger graders; Card Games, Math Fun, communication skills, etc.(hopefully with Pipe-san)

Activity 1 for elder graders; Humpty’s Homepage project with Lissete-san.


(3) 5:20-  Activity 2; Let’s enjoy Poetry, this is our main activity of this year. Next is Story Time. Marybeth-san, please organize this section. It sounds great to listen to an Easter book if it’s possible.


(4) 6:10-  Amy’s Show&Tell and Egg-hunt / snack time.



• Collecting monthly fee; ¥1000/child for 4 months from April to July. 

Pipe-san, the total fee is ¥1250 including March’s  too.


• Junko-san and I(Masami) are going to be the persons in charge to organize our meetings this year. If you have some good ideas what to do in our meetings for the children, please feel free to let us know at anytime (^^)/


Hope you enjoy spring time!

I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!